One customer at a Yuba City, California, Wendy’s location this week is being hailed as a hero for his quick action after noticing a suspected robber enter the restaurant.

According to KTXL, Daniel, who requested to be identified only by his first name, said he was at the fast-food establishment Monday evening when he saw someone walk in wearing a bag over his head.

​”So I kept an eye on him,” he said. “And then I noticed that he had a knife in his right hand. And he cut in the front of the line and went up to the cashier, brandished the knife, and said, ‘Give me the money.’ And then about two seconds later, he turns to somebody on his left and says, ‘She’ll take care of you in a minute.’ And that’s when I brought the chair down on his head.”

He said he “didn’t want it to turn into somebody’s Christmas memorial” and decided to pick up a chair and take a shot at the suspect.

The man got away, but Daniel said he think he left an impression.

“If anybody out there knows a friend who got a gash on the head [Monday] night, that was probably the culprit,” he said.

A cashier at the restaurant was among those singing Daniel’s praises.

“That’s a very traumatic experience, and he helped us instead of standing back and watching it,” Erika Farris said.