A beer company wants to take on Wendy’s at its own Twitter game

Wendy’s has gained some attention in the past for roasting its detractors on Twitter. This company is such an anomaly because it took the drastic step of hiring social media staff who actually understand social media!

Well, make room for Busch. Somebody in the brewery’s social media department must be sampling the product. Over the past several weeks, an ordinary corporate account has become much more sarcastic.

Hey! Why not help us make the internet a little funnier?

Let’s just admit the obvious, these aren’t quite on par with Wendy’s best tweets. But we see what they’re going for and applaud them for trying to overturn the apple cart. Even if it just inspires another company to take a few risks, we think it’s worth it.

Judge for yourself. Here are a few of the trends we’ve noticed.

#TuesdayThoughts are big with these people


Choosy memes choose GIF


Name Dropping

…and Busch Beer even paid homage to the account that mastered corporate snark.

In Case You Forgot Why Wendy’s Rules Twitter


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