Esther Povitsky: Why everyone is talking about ‘Alone Together’

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Esther Povitsky ended up on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list this year. If you haven’t heard of her, you’re part of a shrinking group of people.

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We’ll give you some of the information you need to understand why this young comic is getting so much attention.

Who is Esther Povitsky?

Esther Povitsky, Alone Together, Freeform
[Esther Povitsky, IMG/screenshot]

Chances are, you’re already somewhat familiar with her work. She’s created several memorable moments since dropping out of college to pursue comedy.

We’re not encouraging the next generation to give up on higher education. But it seems to work out for a lot of talented entertainers. The realization came for Esther Povitsky after the recession of about a decade ago.

She said her parents lost their jobs and she wondered why she was still in school. It was costing money and came with no guarantee of a job. So she quit and moved to L.A.

Esther Povitsky had already been involved in Second City and ImprovOlympics. Both schools of comedy are known for turning out talented stand up comedians.

The Birth of ‘Alone Together’

First of all, we had never even heard of Freeform before this show premiered. And Esther Povitsky is the central reason it exists.

As it turns out, Disney owns the network that gave her a major break. “Alone Together” is based on a short script she wrote a few years ago. It is about the friendship she has with another comedian, Benji Afalo. He stars in the show, too.

Freeform was encouraged by its initial success. It’s already been renewed for a second season.

Where else can you see Esther Povitsky?

Esther Povitsky, stand up comedian, stand up comedy, Alone Together, freeform,
Esther Povitsky, IMG/screenshot

You might have seen her on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” or “Key and Peele.” She was also on “Parks and Rec,” one of our favorite sitcoms of the past few years.

She’s also portrayed notable characters on funny sitcoms like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” But we think one of the best places to see her is behind a mic.

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