The funniest YouTube stand up comedy channels worth watching

If you enjoy watching comics, YouTube stand up comedy is great. Of course, it also helps if you enjoy misleading titles, terrible editing and pretty dull jokes.

Even when you find a comedy special you enjoy, chances are it’s a bootleg. So by the time you can get around to watching it, the channel’s already taken it down. Plus, there’s that whole legal and moral thing about not stealing other people’s content.

Fortunately, there are a few exceptions to the rule. And that’s why we clicked that button everybody on YouTube is so adamant about. We think you should subscribe to these YouTube stand up comedy channels.

What’s so special about these guys?

YouTube stand up comedy
Historians believe humans watched ancient devices like this one before YouTube stand up comedy. [PxHere]

First of all, they actually provide what they say they will. Unfortunately, that’s a rarity on social media. (Follow @extractcomedy on Twitter!) But here’s why we think they’re extra special.

  • Decent sized clips. We don’t expect YouTube stand up comedy to include full hour long specials. But if you’re posting 12 second clips of a comic’s act to rack up views, we’re not impressed.
  • Consistent quality. Notice we’re not demanding so-called ‘A list’ comedians. Many up and coming men and women are just as entertaining. Any channel packed with funny folks gets our nod.
  • No unnecessary distractions. Whether it’s ridiculous editing or rampant ads, we don’t want to see it. They need to make some money, we get it. But the majority of our time should be spent actually watching comedy.

The funniest examples of YouTube stand up comedy

Okay, here are a few of our favorites. Leave us a message below if we missed your favorite. Or just sulk about it and unfollow us on Twitter. (Not really, you should follow @extractcomedy on Twitter!)

1. The Laugh Factory

You might know it as one of America’s most iconic stand up comedy clubs. But when it comes to social media, the Laugh Factory also has an impressive lineup of videos. It makes sense if you consider the caliber of comics who take the stage on any given night.

2. Comedy Central

Let’s be specific here, we don’t necessarily recommend the whole channel. Sure, there’s some funny stuff there. But it’s buried beneath some marketing and chopped up clips we can do without. Skip all of that and subscribe just for the YouTube stand up comedy playlist.

3. Laughspin

Here’s a bit of an underdog in the race. But we think Laughspin holds its own with a range of funny clips. It even features one of the best full length YouTube stand up comedy specials we’ve seen. There are various bits of different lengths. Some names might be more recognizable than others. But we think there’s a common string of talent throughout the channel.

4. Dry Bar Comedy

Maybe you’ve seen these clips pop up on your Facebook timeline. We certainly have. But if you want to find these funny videos on purpose, check out the YouTube stand up comedy channel. You’ll find pretty long clips of really funny (and clean) bits. You don’t have to be in the room with your mom when you watch these clips. But you could be!

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