Accidental lotto purchase means millions for lucky gambler

For starters, the recent winner of an Australian lotto drawing had the right numbers. But making the mistake of purchasing two of the fateful tickets when he intended to buy just one made his decision doubly rewarding.


He said he meant to select different numbers for the second ticket, but when his numbers came up he realized the duplicate ticket entitled him to twice as much money — for a total of more than $33 million.

The jackpot was $50 million, and since another player also had the winning numbers, that total was split evenly among all the tickets. And since he had two, that means he had twice the claim on the payout he now says will help secure his family’s future.

“I might think about retiring,” he said of plans for his recent windfall. “First maybe a new home or a holiday. I’ll definitely share it with my family.”


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